Customer Testimonials

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February 6, 2018
From: Chris

"I've been busy, today was first time I got the truck out on the highway. Wow, it is great. The new springs help a lot, and I can firm it up as much as I want with the airbags. Really super.



February 6, 2018
From: Brad

"My truck drives, shifts, and sounds like a brand new truck. 2008 Chevy 3500 313700 miles and Im looking forward to many more. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

January 26, 2018
From: Andrew

"Just wanted to give a shout out to the guys at ATP!!! The service and work that was done to my truck is top notch. Felt comfortable right when I walked in the door. Mike P, thanks a lot for all the info and communication. Couldn't be more happy with the work. Definitely recommend to all. Thanks a lot!!!"

December 30, 2017
From: Lucas

"Super pleased with everything the guys at ATP did for me!"

December 19, 2017
From: John

"Always great reliable service! Always happy and friendly and would help anyone out!"

December 14, 2017
From: Kevin

"Great customer service, answered the phone right away and I got to talk to a human being!"

October 9, 2017
From: Kelly

"The guys helped me choose and install a Titan Fuel tank on my Dodge Ram 2500. They did an awesome job and I was able to tow my horse trailer 454 miles without having to stop for fuel!"

December 4, 2017
From: Brian


Thank you so much for checking in.  I was actually telling a bunch of the firefighters here what a cool company you guys have.  There are some dura max guys here and I have sent them your way.

It’s all about the time you took with my purchase that will keep me coming back for the tuning and more accessories. 

The install was a piece of cake, the parts are exceptional.  Everything is working very well.


Thank you!"

Septemper 19, 2017
From: Gage



"Hey man everything has been great. Had some minor issues to begin with but your service crew helped handle everything very well. Best service I've ever had!. You guys have earned a returning customer for the future. I definitely look forward to my build with ATP Trucks! Keep up the good work!!"

February 6, 2017
From: Sam

"Shipping was flawless everything showed up in a timely manner packaging was a++ everything is pristine. 👌 I really wanna Thank you guys for what you do because you really know what your doing. Thanks so much guys."


November 08, 2016
From: Courtney
"Huge thanks to you and team over at ATP.  Service was amazing ."

July 21, 2016
From: Erik

"I can't thank y'all enough.


Anyone who doesn't get their stuff from you guys is a fool if you ask me. Your customer service is truly second to none.  So thanks again and I will be getting ahold of you soon for a CAI (S&B) and possibly a lift pump. Can't wait lol

You guys have a customer for life."


June 27, 2016
From: Jeremy

"I received all my parts within 2 days. Thank you so much for that. I did not request second day but it was a great surprise. So far the install is working great. ATP has proven time and time again to be a top notch company. I wont shop anywhere else for my Duramax parts."

June 17, 2016
From: Josh

"I absolutely couldn't be happier. Truck has never ran so smooth and the power difference is incredible I've already sent my neighbor to you guy for some help with his 6.0 ford."

June 11, 2016
From: Robert

"Hey Mike it's Robert i just wanted to thank you for all your help an let you know in my eyes your the best they have at Atp I really appreciate everything you did for me. Thanks again."

May 26, 2016
From: Daniel

"Rob, ATP, and co. ,
When Mike Porcaro answered the phone at ATP when I first decided that after endless hours of scouring the forums, picking the minds of reputable members, going through the arduous task of dissecting all the good information from the bullshit, little did I know that I would walk away from my first experience with ATP beyond satisfied, but also gain someone that I can honestly call a friend.

You don't find that level of honest, insightful, and agenda free service these days. There's nothing wrong with promoting products you truly believe in, but it becomes blatantly apparent when someone is there just to empty your pocket. My experience with Mike from my first phone call is what had me requesting him, and only him to continue to assist me with my account.
That's not to say that the other employees and sales reps at ATP aren't of the highest quality.

I'm just someone who knows when and if you're lucky enough to find a person like Mike, a person who treated my truck like it was his own, who patiently, professionally, and courteously dealt with all the hesitant & reluctant thoughts that myself, and I'm sure most of us who are truly passionate about this life have....well that was apparent from the time I was merely a potential client he may never hear from again, to the time I handed over my credit card number and told him I truly trusted him with my hard earned money.

I never once had an uneasy feeling or second thought throughout this 3 week process, and that was due to the fact that I was updated and informed consistently, and most importantly, honestly. I never had to reach out and inquire to where things were, because my inbox or voicemail already had a message from Mike to ease my mind. If a product was back ordered, he didn't tell me it was out for shipping. The respect and appreciation I have for that type of sincerity is endless.

Most representatives know how to regurgitate the label of a product. It's easy to tell the difference between those and the ones that have lived and breathed this shit for years and have an internal database that extends beyond the phone, into the garage, and out into real world application.
THOSE are the guys I want guiding my decisions, and THAT is exactly what I got from Mike P. He handled my account from day 1, to the day I'm writing this email. An email that was something I willingly offered as it was the very least I could do to show my appreciation for both him, and ATP Trucks.

My parts are in the mail. The transaction is complete and I could walk away without taking the time to write this. But I'd be doing a great disservice if I was to not commend Mike Pocaro for being a great representative of ATP, a great representative of Diesel Performance, and more importantly just a good man who was true to his word, a man who left me a more educated person in this field, and someone I will not only be happy to build a truck with, but a damn good friendship as I continue my business with this outfit. Thank you Mike."

May 11, 2016
From: Cooper

"Hey guys. I just wanted to give a huge thanks to Mr. Mike Porcaro for all the awesome support he gave me throughout everything. He was super helpful, patient, and just absolutely outstanding to go out of his way to see that I was taken care of completely. I have never used ATP Trucks before, till I started helping a co-worker with his 2005 LLY, and I have never been helped so much by any customer service group. I have been in the diesel performance game since about 2007, and not a single company or person has helped and walked me through things as well as Mike. I greatly appreciate all that you guys have done for my co-worker and I. The truck has never ran better!"

April 06, 2016
From: John

"It was our pleasure you guys continuously go above and beyond anytime we need answers or have a problem. We have run into problems with things before that we have contacted the manufacturer of an item and cannot get answers from them. You guys are always ready to help no matter what the problem or who we talk to, you should be very proud of your business and your staff. You guys have a business ethic that is very rare to find anymore. What is really great is you guys are not just selling parts you use what you sell and have a real interest in the business you are in. Again I thank you for your time and patience you and your staff have shown us and I wish we were a little closer but one day we will meet in person."

March 17, 2016
From: Devin

"Hey Ryan,
I talked to you today about issues. Your tech wasnt available but you said you would have him call me and within 5 min he gave me a call. I don't remember his name, Cody? Anyway I just wanted to applaud you guys on your customer service and even though the problem was on my side everyone I spoke to was very helpful. The problem was that I did not get the ground wire seated enough but the 5th time was the charm. LoL. I recommended you guys to a friend also he is getting ready to buy efilive for his lmm"

March 15, 2016
From: J.C.

"I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you and ATP for all of your assistance with my project. Just about everything I've done recently with my truck involved a lot of "first time" work. ATP's commitment to customer service and quality products lives up to the hype that I've read in countless discussion forums.

Thanks again and take care."

March 04, 2016
From: Andrew


March 05, 2016
From: Shaun

"I'm Extremely happy with everything I purchased and the customer service was amazing. Can't thank you guys enough!!!"

February 29, 2016
From: Coty

"You guys done so much for me already it's a pleasure doing business with you guys and out of any company I ever done business with, you guys are so so easy to contact and always get back to me asap. Thank you very much for that and I will always be a returning customer"

February 02, 2016
From: James
"If I ever need any more or any parts that you guys carry I will definitely be using you guys again. A big thanks from me to ATP's entire staff for a great business and even better customer service."

October 13, 2015
From: Brian

"Everything is great. Thanks for the outstanding service privided. I'm recommending ATP to all inquiries."

October 07, 2015
From: Justin

"Thanks for following up. Everything has been great, no problems at all. Thanks for all your help, I'll be a longtime repeat customer and always pass along the good word."

September 22, 2015
From: Mark

"Cody... Fixed the first time. You guys are timely, honest, and extremely competent."

September 22, 2015
From: Gregory

"Thanks for your concern. I absoulutely love it bro!!! Best thing I could have ever done to my truck. Thanks again."

September 17, 2015
From: Geno

"I just wanted to thank you to you and everyone at ATP for helping me get my truck back on the road. I know there is a lot more I need to learn and unfortunately more mistakes that I will make. I feel lot better now knowing they is a team experts of behind me to help when, I do make a mistake.

Thank you again for all your help"

September 16, 2015
From: Lance

"Will do, thanks for all your help Caleb, you and ATP have been outstanding for me and I refer you as often as possible."

September 10, 2015
From: Jake

"Trucks up and running and it runs like a raped ape! All I have left to do is put the gauges in and I'll definatly be ordering some more stuff soon!"

August 29, 2015
From: Mark

"Thanks a lot for your response so quick I run a small business myself with about 10 guys and know what it's like to get people hammering you with emails constantly, you guys are by far the best and most responsive business I've ever dealt with in this industry online, most people don't even take the time to respond to you!?! keep up the good work."

July 14, 2015
From: Travis

"I appreciated all the customer support that I have received."

July 02, 2015
"Just wanted to say that I got the filter last week and installed everything
today. It installed easy and is working great.

I especially wanted to thank you all at ATP for your fast responses and
professionalism in dealing with this minor mishap. It is that kind of
customer service that will get my return business."

May 29, 2015
From: Juan

"Hey Cody the truck runs good as ever, only problem I had was that issue with the mass air flow sensor but all is good now! Couldn't be more pleased with the added power and I haven't been out run yet (even a 5.0 mustang couldn't beat the truck in a 1/4 lol)! If I decide to add more power or upgrade some stuff in the future I'll definitely come to you guys first!"

May 06, 2015
From: Kevin

"Thank you for the follow up email, it speaks volumes for you customer service as well as the products of provide. I am extremely please with the tunes I received for you, I feel I made the best choice in performance and mileage inhancement offered for Duremax. Thank you to all the guys who spent extra time with me. It was very much appricieated in reassuring me I was installing your tune correctly."

May 06, 2015
From: Kyle

"Hey thanks for checking up on it. It runs awesome man. I'm really happy with it. Thank you"

May 21, 2015
From: Mark


My dad (Jim L...) was the guy that came in last week or so ago and camped out while you guys did some work to his truck. He had really nice things to say about you and your team there at ATP. He said it was nice of you to let him camp out in the conference room and was glad that you guys stayed late to finish his truck so he could make it to Alaska in time. I was glad to hear this because i referred him to you and he is not one to have other people work on his stuff. he is DIY kinda guy but he had a good experience with you guys.

thank you for the great products and service. i will be purchasing more stuff soon."

April 22, 2015
From: Jake

"Everything I get from you guys is great thank you plan on doing much more business in the future"

April 22, 2015
From: Trevor

"Thanks again for everything and helping us out so quickly again."

April 22, 2015
From: Jason

"I appreciate the time you took to discuss everything with me and look forward to getting more things in the future."

April 22, 2015
From: Darren

"Hey Cody,

Thanks for the follow up. Everything installed very easily and the tune took no time at all. The trucks running much better. Thanks for all your help."

February 03, 2015
From: Jace

"Thank you for the update. You have provided a very professional and enjoyable experience and I will definitely be doing more business with Adrenaline Truck Performance. Thank you for your time."

February 02, 2015
From: James

"If I ever need any more or any parts that you guys carry I will diffently be using you guys again. A big thanks from me to ATP's intire staff for a great business and even better customer service."

December 04, 2014
From: Jeremy

"Thank you for your quick and professional attention with this matter. I have alot of respect for people and companies that do the right thing.

I will forever be a customer of ATP as long as business is conducted in this respectable manner.

Have a great day!"

December 04, 2014
From: Travis

"Thanks very much Andrea! This type of prompt customer service is half the reason I decided to choose ATP"

November 21, 2014
From: Robert

"Thank you very much for doing a great job."

November 17, 2014
From: Brennan

"WOW!! Everything worked out great and could not be happier! Thanks for everything, working with you guys has been awesome!"

September 26, 2014
From: Kerry

"Just wanted to send you a quick thank you note. I really appreciate your help and everyone else at ATPtrucks for answering all of my questions(probably to many at times) and providing excellent service! This is my first diesel truck so it is all relatively new to me but working with you guys has made all the difference. I will be in contact again shortly when I order the Edge Insight CTS. Again, it really has been a great experience doing business with you. Enjoy your weekend!"

September 13, 2014
From: Craig

"I wanna thank you guys, for your customer service."

September 13, 2014
From: Jason

"Ok cool. No problem at all. Been nothing but happy with your tech support or advise when I call regardless of who I talk to. Thanks again."

July 17, 2014
From: Mike

"Thanks a lot for the quick response!!!

Thanks again."

July 1, 2014
From: Kelsie

"I just wanted to let you know my truck is getting a solid 4mpg better, even towing!! That's crazy!! Thank you so much, you are amazing!"

June 13, 2014
From: Jason.

"Rob, just wanted to let you know your company is the BEST! The customer service is world class always ready and willing to help. Thanks for everything, Jay"

June 11, 2014
From: Patrick

"I've received the tunes. I've installed them on my Lb7 truck runs awesome.
Haven't had a chance to install on lbz yet. Thank you guys very much."

June 06, 2014
From: Wade

"It has a lot more power, I can start dating larger women now! I'll just say climb in I got plenty of power. Thanks ATP!!"

June 04, 2014
From: Sean

"Just want to say thanks to the whole team up there for the fast work and help I’ve received lately!!!"

June 05, 2014
From: George

"Thanks for going the extra mile so I can get this project going! You guys rock! I will definitely recommend you guys!!!"

April 08, 2014
From: Jim

"I can't thank you guys enough for all your help. By far the best company I have ever dealt with, from service to products. Please pass along my thanks to everyone who helped out. I will definitely be sharing ATP to everyone I know and at all the truck and bike shows we do. Thanks again!"

April 23, 2014
From: Jaime

"I got everything installed in my truck tonight and tried it out. There is a huge difference in the performance and drive ability of my truck. I really appreciate the customer service. Thank you."

Jeremy - 4/2/14:

"Thank you, I've heard nothin but good things about you. I hope that we can build a good relationship as I continue to build my truck. Have a good day"

Tom - 3/19/14

"Thank you very much for your great help and service ups picked it up yesterday and y'all have a customer for life much appreciated !"

February 17, 2014

"Thanks for all your hard work!! Truck runs perfect now!!
Thanks Again, Joel."

February 11, 2014

"Dear Rob,
I enjoy doing business with you guys. Top notch staff who answers all my questions stupid or not.


Travis - 12/10/13

"I know you guys probably get this a lot but I had my efi live installed yesterday and I couldn't be any happier how it sounds and runs! Very pleased with your work!"

Brian - 12/4/13

"Thank you very much! By far the best customer service of anywhere."

11/26/13 - Curtis

"I wanted to say the work you guys are doing is amazing."

10/16/13 - David

"Right On!!! Thank you very much. You guys have been a huge help with truck and anytime I get the chance I recommend your tuning options."

10/2/13 - David

"Thank you guys for everything, I couldn't have asked for better customer service."

9/28/13 - Renato

"I already knew u guys were the best at this but I just wanted to thank you! I could not be happier!"

9/23/13 - Dylan

"Awesome! Top notch service!"

9/7/13 - Jason

"I just wanna say thank you for the great service and great product.  I will be coming back to ATP."

9/4/13 - Gus

"As always you guys have it shipped and expected arrival in awesome time. Keep up the good work, everyone at ATP is always a pleasure to deal with. I will continue to purchase as much as possible from your company just due to the amazing service and prices you provide."

9/3/13 - Jesse

"Thank you for the great fast service!"

8/19/13 - Jonathan

"Exellent! Thank you so much! Golden star for everyone at ATP!"

8/20/13 - Darrell

"Thanks again guys - your assistance in getting me up to speed was outstanding!!!!!"

7/24/13 - Ben

"I have already told all my friends with a diesel about u guys. They will be headed your way."

6/14/13 - Glenn

"WOW! What more can I say. Thanks for the quick service. It is truly a pleasure dealing with a company that offers such great customer service and a quick response time."

6/14/13 - Hans

"No no…thank you guys. It’s not to hard doing business with the best diesel perf. guys around!"


"To The Owner or Manager,

The reason for this email is to thank you and your staff.

The experience with your company was great after calling many times over the last couple months with a lot of questions about what I should do and talking to everyone on your staff I think all I can say is thank you. Everyone was willing to take the time and explain everything, they were very nice and helpful. As a small business owner myself I can appreciate how great of a group of people that you have. No one wanted to make me wait to talk with the person that I started with they were all willing to help just like the last it has been the best customer service I have ever had.

Thank you again and have a great weekend"


"I had a great experience purchasing the clutch from you, and am glad I chose ATP over (competitor). Mike was great to work with, and the clutch was delivered on time, just like he said it would be. I have already recommended your business to several diesel truck enthusiasts, and I look forward to doing more business with you in the future"


"It's simply amazing what you guys do the truck runs awesome! You have a great staff there btw, very patient and helpful. Thanks again I am a ATP/Tuning by Rob fan forever!"


"It's been a pleasure doing business with your company and I will be sure to pass along my recommendations."


"Thanks again for the great service."


"The truck works very well."


"I couldn't be happier, thanks for all the help."


"Thanks man I appreciate it!! You guys are top notch!!"


"AWESOME! More than happy with it. A return customer for sure, and thanks for the great customer service."


"Thanks for the follow up. The exhaust has been working out great so far! Easy to install and sounds good."


"You guys are awesome thank you!!!"


"I could not be happier the truck runs amazing! It's like a totally different truck."


"Thank you what a great product! You guys did a good job. My truck runs really well! Great fuel mileage also."


"Thanks for the awesome customer service."


"So far so good. Getting 18.8 mileage on average which is awesome."


"Worked great! Thanks"


"We have got everything installed and everything works great! You guys are awesome. You guys keep up the good work you have a customer for life."


"Thanks for the follow up, my truck is running great."


"It's awesome man. Brought my mileage up from 10mpg to 16.5. Thanks for helping me out!!"


"Also I wanted to say I am very pleased and have recommended you guys to several fellow dmax owners . Thanks again! Customer service has been excellent!"


"Overall I am very happy with it BUT the only complaint...I lost my beer coozie hahaha
Thanks fellas! Take it easy!"


"Great work and service!! Thanks again guys!"


"It all worked great! Thanks so much! You guys do great work!!!"


"Again your product and team have come through and continue to provide a consistent level of customer service that many companies should take note of."


"All is good. Truck runs great! ! !"


"Working great,will need new rear tires soon. Thanks for checking."


"Thanks again Rob, that's why I always recommend you, I can always get ahold of someone there!"


"I finally got a chance to install the turbo yesterday and I can say that everything is working out great! There is a much better "feel" to the truck and everything seems to be working together nicely, thanks for the follow up and I look forward to doing more business with you guys in the near future."



The lockup box is working great."


"Thanks for checking back with us. It shows that you guys are committed to customer satisfaction and that is getting hard to find these days. We really appreciate it."


"You guys have the best customer service i have ever dealt with. Thanks again for helping me get it set up and get working. I will recommend you guys to anyone needing something in the diesel truck industry."


"Thanks so much. will let all my dmax friends know about you guys."


"I love it! Dustin was also very helpful with ordering and answering my questions. It's a completely different truck now. I didn't think I would ever contemplate building my tranny but now I can't wait to. But that's a little down the road from now!"


"My products arrived today. Thanks so much for your help, friendly service and timely delivery. I can't wait to get it all set up. Please tell Rob and Dustin how much I appreciate their help."


"Just wanted to say thanks for all the help you and everyone at ATP gave me. Wow! I now have a brand new truck that is unbelievable. You guys have a great product and excellent support. More mods may be on the horizon. I cant believe the difference! If you need a testimonial, please feel free to use this or let me know where to post it. I am very excited about my truck now. Thanks again."